Student of Tokiwadai Middle School. Mikoto is a high-level Electromaster and one of the 7 Level 5s in the entire Academy City.

Nickname: “RAILGUN”
Version: Main
Role: AoE, Bleeds, Defense Down

This page contains information for the “Main” version of Mikoto Misaka.

She currently has two other versions as well, which are “Support” and “Summer”. Each one is slightly different.

The main version of her has strong AoE damage via Bleeds, high scaling modifiers and low cost abilities.

She has Cross Skills with Shizuo, Kuroko & Touma.

Her speed stat is 550 and she has very high attack growth.

The fact that she’s a free hero and very strong makes her an easy choice for any team.

Lightning Bolt

0 Skill Points

Hits all enemies with multiple lightning bolts, dealing Arcane DMG.

Electric Shock

3 Skill Points

Hits all enemies with multiple electric shocks, dealing Arcane DMG and inflicting Bleed.


10 Climax Points

Unleashes Railgun across all enemies to deal high Arcane DMG

АТК Ability

3 Star

Base ATK Up

DEF Ability

4 Star

Base Physical DEF Up, Base Arcane DEF Up


5 Star

Base HP Up

Burst Ability

6 Star

CRIT Rate Up


Attacks have a 50% chance of inflicting Electrocution on the target which will take more DMG.

Cross Skills

Vending Machine Killer

Combo Hero: Shizuo
Cost: 4 Skill Points

When two vending machine killers from Academy City and Ikebukuro move together, not only vending machines will suffer. Deals Physical DMG and Arcane DMG across all enemies. Also reduces their healing received for several turns.

Railgun Upgraded

Combo Hero: Kuroko
Cost: 6 Skill Points

Deals Arcane DMG across all enemies.

Electromaster & Imagine Bre

Combo Hero: Touma
Cost: 4 Skill Points

Mikoto sometimes can work with others. Deals Physical DMG and Arcane DMG to Front enemy.

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